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10 Reasons Why You Should Focus on Nourishing Foods

10 Reasons Why You Should Focus on Nourishing Foods
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Everyone is telling you how you should eat nowadays.


Maybe it’s because I’m in the industry or maybe it’s because everyone is a health expert. Either way, I feel like no matter where you look, someone is telling you you’re doing it wrong and you should eat this instead of that. Well, I’m here to challenge that.


As a nutritionist, it is really important to me that everyone eats loads of vegetables and fruit. I feel like that is a given. But what is also important to me is to teach you to nourish the soul too.


When you say to yourself “I can’t eat that”. Guess what you think about 24/7. That food item you’re trying so hard not to eat.


So, here is what I recommend, when you are hungry or preparing a meal focus on how nourishing the meal is. Nourishment is the quality of the food you are eating, again fruits and vegetables should be top of this list. Every meal you eat should have a component of carbohydrate, protein and fat. In whatever division you feel is best for your body (because remember, we’re all unique and so should be the way we like to eat). But you know what else can be on the list? A soul-nourishing food eg, chocolate.


Here are my 10 reasons why you should focus on nourishing foods


  • When you focus on nourishing food you forget about “good” and “bad” foods.
  • There is an abundance of nutrients to support your body in nourishing foods.
  • They provide you with the energy you need to swim, dance, laugh and more.
  • You find it easier to fill your plate; less control and restriction. Hello, summer BBQ season!
  • You feel happier within yourself and about your diet.
  • You don’t have guilt or shame associated with food.
  • You will find yourself naturally choosing foods that support your health, instead of feeling like you “have too” choose them.
  • Nourishing foods are incredibly filling, because of all the fibre, water and other nutrients contained within. It is almost impossible to overeat.
  • Your skin will seriously glow! Nourishing foods support your body right down to the cellular level.
  • Your gut health will thank you. The variety of foods you can now eat is huge, this will support a diverse microbiome in your gut (microbiome is a fancy word for gut bacteria) and your overall health.


The single best thing you can do for your health is to ignore the hype media and focus on you. At every meal I want you to ask yourself, does this nourish me? If the answer is yes, then you go girl. If the answer is no, decide if you are OK with it and move forward with your decision.


By focusing on nourishing food, you are choosing to eat right for your body. You’re choosing to eat right for you and your needs, no one else’s. And that to me is the key to nutrition.


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