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Be the Master of your Mindset

Be the Master of your Mindset
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We have a choice and the power to change our thinking.


Neuroscience research offers some powerful insights into our brain and how we operate. Our brains constantly scan the environment for threat and reward. It is vital for our survival that we automatically react in threat response. In our day to day lives, we need to find a way to shift out of threat and into neutral or reward response. This increases our ability to look at the bright side of life, solutions instead of problems and feel connected socially.


We often get stuck in our own head, overthinking, analysing, re-living the past and worrying about the future. This pattern affects the way we live day to day, our belief system and how we behave. The first step to conquering our mindset is awareness. Tapping into our deeper awareness can help us identify what is driving us and if it is serving us.


There are several techniques to dampen your Limbic system (where all our crazy emotions are housed) and produce cognitive change - a shift in mindset. Here are my top 3:





Breathe, take a deep breath in and out for a count of 5. Label how you are feeling, what emotion is showing up for you? Then Reframe the situation, into the positive or find another way of looking at it. This relaxes our nervous system and brings us into the present moment, acknowledges feelings instead of pushing them away and helps us put some perspective on the situation.



Practice Gratitude


Find a way to weave gratitude into your daily activities. As a family, at dinner time we share one thing we are grateful for in our day. We have formed this beautiful habit and I am proud to say that most nights my kids will initiate the conversation. I also enjoy journaling at the end of the day, focusing on 3 things I am grateful for in life.





This is about being open and non-judgmental, connecting your whole body into the present moment. I had a special birthday trip to Byron Bay earlier in the year and I made sure that I was IN THE MOMENT of pure bliss! At the beach, I listened to the ocean waves, felt the sand in between my toes, looked at the different shaped shells washed up on the shore, smelt the salty water and tasted my awesome ice-cream. All my senses were heightened, and I kept bringing my mind back to the present moment.



Taking control of your mindset and reprogramming your thinking is not always easy to do, but the benefits are amazing. If you want to get better at regulating your emotions, build greater resilience, reduce anxiety and enhance your focus – start practising now.


What can you do today to ‘Master your Mindset’?



For more check out Tanya Camilleri, Neuroscience Coach

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