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Does the social scroll kill your self-esteem?

Does the Social Media Scroll Kill Your Self-Esteem?
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Are you addicted to the social media scroll?


I know we all might be guilty of having a quick scroll, desperate to find the inspiration to help motivate us for the day, then before we know it, 30 minutes has passed & our self-esteem is in the gutter.

Online we are surrounded by beautiful people, living luxurious lives & enjoying themselves in breathtaking places. For me, I feel like I have never been around this so much since starting Elka Swim back in October 2018.

Before Elka Swim was even a thought, I don’t remember ever having any self-esteem issues – well not to the point I do now. It’s as though all this time I have – and am, spending online for my business, I have started to have a different sense of self.

At Elka, we promote living a happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle, and I live & practice what I preach, yet my sense of self isn’t what it used to be.

All this ‘hanging out’ online has altered my sense of self. There are days when I doubt my ability, skills & knowledge. And, there are days I hate how I look. This isn’t who I am. This isn’t who I want to be. And, this isn’t the attitude I want to have about myself.

The daily scroll & the immediate access we have to social media – which is full of people who I’m sure are going through the same, isn’t winning any gold medals for helping people and their sense of self.

This whole sense of self can be a tough game to play - especially when I don’t fit into my size 6 jeans – and slide into my size 10/12 jeans instead, or I jump on the scales & see a few extra kilos after eating healthy & exercising each week.

This game that I seem to be playing isn’t about winning or losing, because at the end of the day I am only playing against myself. But what is ironic, is that when I want to encourage a good personal sense of self, I turn to the very place that made my sense of self bad in the beginning, online!

Why do I put myself back in that place? Because, like tea with almond milk, I’m addicted to seeing how other people live, dress, look & act. Stupid, right!?

Yep, that’s right, like many of us, I’m addicted to the online world & the daily scroll.

I hate the sense of self it gives me from time to time, but I like that my daily scroll addiction is where I find people & brands who promote & encourage self-love.

And In a world of women doubting their ability, look & style, I hope that Elka Swim is one of those brands that is known to promote self-love & positivity.

Being able to admit that my sense of self isn’t always great – and the fact my dress size has gone up LOL is hard to swallow. But as they say, the first step is admitting it.

Has social media changed your sense of self? And what accounts do you follow that make you feel great about yourself? 


Holly x


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