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Emotional Wellbeing Through Aromatherapy

Emotional Wellbeing Through Aromatherapy
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Australians have been put through a lot recently with months of fires at the beginning of the summer and now a global pandemic. Our emotions are being tested, our resilience is being tested. More and more people are coming back to the old and tested practices such as alternative or holistic approaches to support their physical and emotional wellbeing through times like these.


Let’s dig deeper into aromatherapy

The sense of smell —known as olfaction— is one of the most powerful connections to your surroundings. It’s actually the only sense directly connected to your brain. Through reactions with the brain, specifically the limbic part of the brain where memories and emotions are stored, smells can produce significant mental, emotional, and physical responses.


Among many resources, we can use essential oils for emotional health by creating a sense of calmness and wellbeing or producing an uplifting environment. Every essential oil has its own unique chemical profile, but most oils can be categorized as having either uplifting or calming properties.


All of us had to recently adjust to some big and small changes in our lives, from home-schooling, working from home, loss of a job, health concerns or not being close to our families just to name a few and these can put huge pressure on our emotional wellbeing.


Here are some of the oils I would recommend helping with whatever life throws at us: NOTE it’s very important to buy pure therapeutic grade oils, I would personally recommend Doterra. For any questions or samples, get in touch with me directly.



Quote: Understanding the special chemistry behind each essential oil makes it easy to target emotions and manage our mood.


Selfcare rituals and habits - take this time to focus on you!


Self-care is an important part of our wellness ritual, and it often goes by the wayside in our overscheduled, hyper-connected world. We often forget to take time for ourselves to take care of our bodies. We tend to place other people’s needs before our own healthcare needs and suffer the health consequences over time. These can manifest as low mood, low energy, sleep issues, weight issues and overall lower quality of life.


Practising self-care rituals creates mindfulness and brings balance into your life. You’ll feel more connected to yourself and the world around you. Here are some powerful rituals to consider:

1. Keep a journal


3.Exercise & yoga

4.Daily green smoothie

5. Call a friend

6. Relaxing bath with Epsom salts or massage at home


When establishing self-care rituals, essential oils can act as a bridge for maintaining and supporting daily and weekly habits. Essential oils allow you to indulge your senses to deepen your moments of relaxation and rejuvenation.


They act as adaptogens to support mood, hormones, immune system and overall homeostasis. They can be calming and energizing while supporting your body on a cellular level.


Your self-care routine is all about setting the tone for your day! Each day we get to choose the day that we are going to have by creating a morning/evening ritual and a ritual “on-the-go’. Yes, I have many oils always in my handbag to deal with anything that happens during the day. Apply these oils on your pulse points: wrists, ankles, neck/collar bone. Or put a few drops into your diffuser in the living room or your home office. Be your own alchemist and choose a blend that resonates with how you want to feel and abundance mindset. Essential oils that are wonderful to combine are Clary Sage, Bergamot, Lavender, Jasmine, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang and to elevate your mood citrus oils are always a safe bet. 


Essential oils are versatile


If you told me 2 years ago that I would have bottles of essential oils all around my house I would have laughed and said: “Who has time for that”? The truth is I do, and it has become a norm in our family to always reach for a bottle of oil to support our physical, emotional or spiritual wellbeing by using them every day.


“No matter the individual or the oil, one thing is for certain—essential oils can be used to generate powerful internal responses that can help promote wellbeing”


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Aromatherapist & Owner of Homie, Lucie Kasna

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