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Empowering Women From Within

Empowering Women From Within
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As I celebrated my 40th birthday, I was & am, continually grateful to no longer hold any attachment to where I thought I would or should be by this age. Unmarried, no kids, 'single' and bloody content! Knowing my Purpose!


This has all become possible for me due to investing my time in self-development work. Through spending many years doing this work via many courses and through one on one coaching and mentoring I have been able to free myself of a lot of the struggles I previously lived with. I had chronic anxiety for many years which impacted me physically as well as mentally. I was in constant fear for my safety and security and no amount of money or employment or relationship helped this as much as I thought they would!


To an outsider, it may have looked like I had a great life as I hid this well but on the inside, it was a different story.


Through the work I have done I now work as a Coach. I work with people exploring and understanding how they run their mind. We work with the anxiety, stress, overwhelm, judgement, negative thinking etc so they can first see how this is created before beginning the change process. Change is possible and life becomes much easier once we can start to unpack and clear these unconscious patterns that have been running for so long.


The inner work is continuously being done so the outer world (job, role, partner, house, car, money etc) does not determine how I 'value' my worth on this planet anymore.


We can spend our lives thinking that all of these things are what we need to have a purpose, missing the fundamental that we are purpose regardless of things.


Our Purpose, our Potential is here for us, at this moment, NOW. Once this is realised Choice emerges in what we do and have rather than a Need for these things in hope that they will allow us to feel Purposeful. It is not uncommon for people to acquire things and still not feel fulfilled and not understand why, so, we go onto chase the next thing to again experience a sense of something still missing.


We can never truly know or plan for what exactly will BE for us. Visions can actually limit us as they are made in a moment and we are changing in every moment. We can get too attached to the vision, to a plan and experience discontent when at a certain age this wasn't what we had planned. This is where we can miss that life has happened for us exactly as it was meant and that it is all perfect!


So, can you start to see and count where you are in your life right now? Can you focus on all of the positives rather than discounting yourself and seeing only the negatives, what you haven't done, achieved by now? To be able to really see how you are talking to yourself throughout your days and changing this where you can is where the gold is!


By changing the way you think and speak to yourself in your mind, you have the opportunity to change your life! Then there is no Purpose to search for outside of you, all will be clear for you and you can go about your days much lighter and with that inner freedom and purpose.


For more, check out Human Behavior Expert, Anita Tomecki.


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