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Happiness Over Stability

Happiness Over Stability
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12 months ago, I was a ball of anxiety. I was mostly irritable, obsessed with having a plan for everything, an over-thinker and way too controlling. I felt stuck in my circumstances. My whole life I had stayed insecure jobs because I believed a secure paycheque was more important than my freedom and happiness. I was a cranky mother; I was that friend that always had a negative or cynical view of life.


I always liked the idea of various elements of spirituality and “woo woo” but had never been dedicated enough, or in the right frame of mind to fully embrace it into my life.


And then, in July 2019, while looking for ways to help my little boy who was showing signs of those same anxiety issues, I stumbled across a Mindset coach’s free video on Facebook. It came at the perfect time. It was like the Universe had answered the prayers I didn’t even realise I was asking.


That small video led me on a journey of spirituality that’s allowed me to discover a whole new level of calm, confidence, purpose and gratitude. It also led to me making the uncharacteristic decision to quit a job that was just ok but not really fulfilling to build my own business offering administration, copywriting and digital marketing services.


I’ve always loved to write in my personal life and these days I get to spend my days writing for clients and helping, mindset coaches spread their message to the world, in the hope that, one day, something I write might get the attention of a stressed out, anxious mama, just at the time she needs it to.


So now, I work from home, around my children, choose what I get to do and only answer to myself.


It’s hard at the time sure. I’ve learnt a lot of lessons, made some mistakes and I’m sure I’ll make more. It’s worth it. However, it does take discipline! While working from home sounds like such a luxury but it’s not all getting to hang out in your PJ’S and sneaking longer breaks than you know you should.


So here are the suggestions I’ve got for running a business from home:


1. Get up of a morning and follow your normal routine as much as possible. It might sound nice to stay in your pj’s all day but have a shower, get dressed and you’ll feel more professional and productive.


2. Have a to-do list and a set schedule. When you’re working in an office your schedule is often dependent on other people, so have a set schedule helps keep you accountable when working on your own.


3. No couch time! As appealing as working from the couch might be, if you want to stay on track, make your work area a designated area away from the rest of the household (so you don’t get distracted by Netflix or piles of washing).


4. Set work hours and break times, as like your normal working day as possible. If you have other family member home, make sure they understand that when you’re working, your space is a no-go zone unless it’s an emergency!


5. Have a business plan, goals, an outline of procedures and know your ideal client before you start. Know your financial numbers too, your expenses and what you need to make to cover them and make a profit!


6. Have a clear offering for clients and know why it’s valued! The most important thing you can give a client is value and show how your offering meets their pain points.


7. If you can, find a mentor or accountability partner that you can connect with to brainstorm new ideas or ask for help from. Sometimes it can be a struggle creating and planning on your own but there are so many online businesses now that help can always be found. There are also businesses (mine included) that offer this as a service.


8. Network, network, network. Find out why your ideal clients hang out and are in those spaces. You never know who you might meet in a Facebook Group, for example, that may present you with a new opportunity.


Most importantly?

Enjoy the ride! Be kind to yourself when things are stressful and feel proud when you are nailing it! Be confident and brave and know that you, 100%, have got this!


Article by the owner of Michaela Ford Digital, Michaela Ford.



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