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Finding Your Style in 3 Easy Steps

Finding your style in 3 easy steps
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I have nothing to wear!

I bet you've said that before!?

Do you ever wonder whether your style is elegant, boho, minimalist, ivy-league, vintage, corporate or no particular style at all?


How do you get out of a style rut, dress with intention and look the way you truly want?


Here are 3 key steps to get you started – and like any self-development it will take time and some reflection – but hey, what better way to spend some time on your own? And when COVID is all over, you’ll be ready to emerge like a butterfly, ready to spread your wings!


  • Step 1 – How do you want to be perceived?


This is one of the key questions I ask my clients before I do a wardrobe edit. The reason I ask this is that often we portray an image to others that don’t always match with how we want to be perceived. Ideally, you want your style to reflect your personality, be appropriate for your field of work, your lifestyle, and to be aligned with your long-term goals.


One of my clients, Helen, a doctor, said she wanted to be perceived at work as approachable yet authoritative, well-put-together but not too sexy. On the weekend she wanted to look casual and cool. The items in her wardrobe didn’t fit these descriptions and she ended up wearing a uniform of oversized layers of grey and black for comfort. The style she was portraying to the world showed she was hiding and didn’t want to be approached. But once I asked her how she wanted to be perceived she was able to look at herself from the outside and critically evaluate her wardrobe choices.



  • Step 2 – What does your desired style look like?

The easiest way to visualise your style goals is by thinking of someone whose style you admire. It could be someone you personally know or someone famous. Find some images of them and either save on a Pinterest board or in a document. They are your style icons. Then think of 3 adjectives that come to mind when you describe their style. E.g. elegant, feminine, edgy, quirky, sexy. These words are your style language.



  • Step 3 – Re-shop your wardrobe.


Now go back into your wardrobe and be prepared to take everything out. Try pieces on. If they fit ask yourself, does this align how I want to be perceived, my style language and my style icon inspiration? If the answer is yes to all three – the item is a keeper. If the answer is no, and you haven’t worn it in years, in the words of Elsa, Let It Go! If it’s in good condition, donate it to charity or sell it.


E voila. Your first steps to finding your style. If you give these tips a go, figuring out your look will be easier, you’ll make more considered purchasing decisions and you’ll live your best style yet.


Article by Personal Stylish, Lisa Stockman


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