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Nourishing The Next You

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As the years go on, so do our own lifecycles.

Our lives are constantly evolving:

  • School – friends – partying
  • Get a job – work hard – play harder
  • Working hard – falling in love – getting married
  • Buying a home – settling down – having a baby
  • Baby starts school – teenage hormones – graduation


And the list goes on. Throughout those years, you as a person evolve and grow too. I like to call this the next you. Speaking from personal experience, one of the biggest changes to your life is having a baby.


That little tiny human is so amazing and you love them so much, but boy-oh-boy can it be tough on your sleep. Sleep is one of the most powerful tools in your health toolbox, so when it is broken or lacking, you feel the full effects.




So I thought I’d share with you, some super simple, I’m so damn tired but need to nourish my body tips:


1Drop the guilt. Mum guilt is REAL! But we all need to work on being kinder to ourselves. You’re already tired, why make yourself even more anxious with guilt. You’re doing amazing, keep up the great work.


2. Have super simple, snacks on hand. I’m talking packaged snacks, who has time to prep anything with a baby or toddler crying at your feet. The trick is to read the ingredients. Minimal ingredients, ingredients you have heard of, no numbers if possible ie additive 538


3. If you buy food that needs to be cut to eat. Do it as soon as you return home from the shops with it. Ie; watermelon, pineapple, freeze your bananas/zucchini. I’ve ignored watermelon in the fridge because of the effort to cut it up. Take the effort away at the start.


4. Simple dishes, amped up with vegetables. Eggs on toast for dinner, sure can. Just add some tomato, mushrooms, spinach, what ever you have on hand. Maximise the nutrition, minimise the effort.


5. Sunshine. So important. Make sure you go outside every day. Even if it is to just sit in the yard, get some vitamin D. You have no idea how reinvigorating it is until you do it.


6. Packaged food for the win. I bet you can’t believe a nutritionist wrote that, but I have rules. Read the ingredients, buy from a wholefoods store where possible. Packaged foods save you when you’re tired, strung out, can’t think, all of the above and more. But like everything, it’s all about the ingredients. Cheap and nasty will lead to feeling more tired.


7. Supplements. Keep up with your pre-natal supplements for at least 6mths post birth. They will help to replenish your body post birth, help you get through the fourth trimester, give you a pinch of energy when you need it most.


Lastly, I just want to end on this. You’re pre-baby body is a myth. Stop trying to bounce back and all the other hype. Love your body and appreciate how it amazing it is. You’re the “next you” now. So focus on nourishing your body and loving it, and watch how much it rewards you.


Written by Jessica Worth Nutrition

Jess helps women lose weight and gain confidence, without the stress, overwhelm and confusion.

@jessicaworthnutrition – Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest


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