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To Essential Oil or Not to Essential Oil?

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When beginning your Essential Oil journey, it can be difficult to decide where to start.

Which brand of oils to buy, from where & once you have purchased them, how the hell to use them?!

Cue overwhelm. Take a step back & breathe.


Here is a super simple, quick & easy guide to help you begin.


  • BRAND: Select one that offers both incredible quality & amazing value. My personal fave. Is ECO. Modern Essentials. An Aussie brand that sources the highest quality of Essential Oils & sells them in Value Packs giving you the opportunity to build up quite the collection of oils without needing to spend hundreds of dollars. Save 20% with discount code: AFFEM20 


  • DIFFUSER an ultrasonic mist diffuser is a great type to invest in early on. These are generally electric & filled with water. You place a few drops of oil into the diffuser & let it do its thing. A couple of great features to look out for are timers, that will automatically switch off the diffuser after your set time & LED light are a feature I love to leave on overnight as a night light in my kid’s rooms.


  • DIFFUSER JEWELLERY is a unique & gorgeous way to diffuse on the go. Simply drop your chosen oil onto the lava stones on the bracelet or necklace & that’ll diffuse the aroma throughout the day. 


  • ESSENTIAL OILS buying your first oils can be daunting as there are just SO MANY! Essential Oil Blends are a great place to start as the hard work has already been done for you, taking out the guess work out of which oils blend well together. The blend names are also suggestive of how you may use them. For Eg: a “sleep” blend would obviously be used to relax & unwind before bed. “de-stress” would appeal to those feeling stressed & “happy head” may help ease headache symptoms. Keep it simple in the beginning to avoid feeling overwhelmed.


  • USING ESSENTIAL OILS AROUND THE HOME as your confidence grows you may feel a little more experimental with essential oils & might like to try using them more at home. Here are a few practical ways you can do so:
    • DIY cleaning products
    • Room & linen sprays
    • Hand Soap
    • Mattress mist
    • Fabric softener

*Please note some safety precautions need to be observed. Always seek advice & follow the guidelines of a qualified professional.


Written by Sami Letran

 Sami is a Melbourne Mum of 3 and owner of The Essential Mama Co.



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