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Wellbeing Tools Your Emotional Health Needs Right Now

Wellbeing Tools Your Emotional Health Needs Right Now
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Ever noticed how accustomed we are at taking care of our physical health? We eat well, get enough sleep and exercise right?


Now ask yourself, are you as good at taking care of your emotional health and wellbeing though?


For many, this is rather hard and doesn’t come naturally. We often notice when we are stressed at 10/10 rather than notice the signs along the way that lead to us being there. Or we notice the impacts of dissatisfaction, lack of ‘time’ and reaching for unhelpful coping tools such as alcohol, over or under eating and so on that tell us something is not as it could be. All of which impacts our emotions, our lifestyle, relationships and daily activities. What a difference it makes to our wellbeing when we take care of both physical and emotional health.


Our emotional health plays a vital role in how we feel, how we connect and how we conduct ourselves in our day to day life. It helps us feel resilient and more able to bounce back from a challenge, it also has an influence on our feelings of happiness. Taking care of emotional health and wellbeing requires time and tools, it requires us to make an effort the same as we do to stay physically fit and healthy. There are times where we need to update our tools though, to look at what is working to support us, and times where need to try something new.


Ask yourself, is it time to audit your toolkit and make some changes the same as you would a sleep routine, a diet or an exercise routine?


There are many tools for taking care of your emotional health, here are some tools that are a great toolkit Practicing mindfulness.


1. Mindfulness meditation involves focusing on the present moment without judgment. This could mean formally practising mindfulness of the breath sequence or simply engaging in a present moment, paying full attention without judgement to the experience. Throughout the day take a moment to observe five mindful breaths; noticing the way you breathe in and out with each breath.


2. Practice Acceptance. Give yourself permission to accept intense emotions, limitations or what you cannot change. Without needing to approve or like it, but to simply let it be. Accepting it allows us to move forward.


3. Set boundaries and maintain them. Know what overwhelms you and have boundaries around them.


We all need different tools in our toolbox, which can you add to yours?


Article by Clinical Psychologist and the founding director of Growth Pursuit Consulting, Christie Arbuckle.


Christie is the creator of The Compassionate Parent App which supports health and wellbeing for new parents. 


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