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4 Must-Have Apps to Productively and Positively Work From Home By Rachel Medlock

4 Must-Have Apps to Productively and Positively Work From Home By Rachel Medlock
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Hello, my name is Rach and I’ve always been addicted to productivity.


Between being a business owner, wife, dog mum, mentor, writer, bath lover and actively keeping up with the Kardashians, I’ve always loved knowing what I’m doing when, where and how. And then 2020 came along and decided no girl, that perfect plan ain’t happening right now!


These recent times have seen our day-to-day lives take a huge shift and as a result, I’m not a fan of using the word pivot. It reminds me of Ross (from the TV show, Friends), trying to get his couch up the stairs and failing miserably. For many of us, life right now is more about adapting, adjusting and downright surviving. ​ ​


Here’s 4 apps that have boosted not just my working from home productivity but positivity too.



I won’t explain what Spotify is… since 2020, I have adjusted how I’m using the app whilst working from home. In addition to pressing play on a podcast when I need to smash out a blog post or emails, I’m using Spotify to connect with my community. Part of a team? Why not take turns creating a playlist for the day! Solo operator? Share your tunes of the day with your social media audience!




I discovered Trello a couple of years ago and I have never looked back. A desktop and mobile app, Trello completely revolutionises the way you write your to-do list.​ Imagine an app that lets you see all of your to-do lists on one home screen, tick them off, add notes, add pictures/links/documents to each individual item and share these lists with people. The dream! Having the Trello app on my phone allows me to always be on the ball and always know how I’m progressing during the day.



Break For Eyes

I’ve been a member of the four-eyes club since I was 14 thanks to late nights on MSN messenger and adjusting my Myspace top friends at all hours of the night. ​ Fast forward to today and my screen time hasn’t improved but my eye health awareness certainly has. Mac uses can download the Break For Eyes desktop app that pauses your screen for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. Yep, it blew my mind that 20 seconds was all you need too! Of course, a timer on your phone would work too but I appreciate the forcefulness of this app.



Like many of us, my productivity takes a big hit each time I open the old faithful – Facebook. Pocket is an awesome productivity app that allows you to “pocket” (aka save for later) online articles and curate your own personal newsfeed. ​ ​

I love this app because it’s a win-win! I keep my productivity when I need it most, but I also still get to find out which kind of breakfast food I am… thanks, Buzzfeed. Pocket speaks to your inner FOMO and keeps productivity pumping. ​


Article by Owner of Do You Even Social, Rachel Medlock


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