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Celebrate Christmas & Achieve Your Fitness Goals By Nicole Stirling

Celebrate Christmas & Achieve Your Fitness Goals By Nicole Stirling
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The holiday season is in full swing, with Christmas and New Years all falling within the next few weeks.


But the travel, family gatherings and delicious (but excessive) meals shouldn’t be an excuse to turn your back on your fitness goals. It is possible to indulge in the festivities and still tick those goals off each and every day.


Today, I’m sharing a few tips I’ve collected over the years to ensure I never miss a workout (even on Christmas Day!) while still getting into the festive spirit with my loved ones. Any one of these (or all of them!) will help you keep your fitness and your race day goals.


And, let me just say, it is possible: I've run every Christmas Day for the past 3 years. And two of those I hosted lunch for 20 of my nearest and dearest at my home. You can do it all!


1. Make a plan:


You know the week prior to an important holiday is always crazy busy with family calling to ask what they should pack or cook, and then there’s the unexpected visitors and the last minute shopping.


Draw up your week ahead with all of your holiday responsibilities. Then be sure to block out time for your training. If you know when you’ll be running or working out then you’ll be more likely to do it. Don’t wing it.


And don’t be guilted into skipping it. Your training is just as, if not more important to ensure your sanity over the holiday season.


2. Find a gym or a treadmill


If you are going to be away from your home ground and you aren’t comfortable getting outdoors by yourself, then research the closest gym. Many will run special holiday programs or open for longer hours.


If you’re going rural for your holiday, then consider switching to strength body workouts or find a workout lesson on YouTube that you can follow. Alternatively, take a look around your temporary home for items you can turn into weights (ie a bag of rice!) or skipping (rope) or boxing (a cushion or pillow).



3. Map your route in advance


If you’re going for a run or even to a local gym, map out your route so you will be comfortable in your surroundings. You don’t want to talk yourself out of your workout because you’re worried about getting lost or concerned about your safety in a particular neighbourhood.



4. Try something new


Break out of your usual workout routine by enjoying new opportunities. So you can’t access your usual trainer or gym or even the same running path. Why not stay fit by trying some other options like walking, rock climbing, hiking or surfing.



As long as you’re getting your workout in, it really doesn’t matter how you’re getting fit – the most important part is that you are doing something!


For more, check out 366 Days of Running. 

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