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5 Stars Making Eco-Friendly Choices By Nehal Dalgliesh

5 Stars Making Eco-Friendly Choices By Nehal Dalgliesh
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From choosing eco-friendly fashion to planting trees and cleaning up our oceans, every little bit we do for the environment counts.


Here are 5 celebrities who are making more conscious choices in their everyday lives and yes, it’s stuff we can all do too!


1. Billie Eilish:

Possibly the most famous teenager on the planet right now, Billie Eilish is using her platform to spread environmental awareness. Not only is she making a conscious effort to ensure her upcoming 2020 tour is as green as possible, ditching the single-use plastic, encouraging fans to bring reusable water bottles and making recycling bins readily available, but the vegan singer is also creating an eco-friendly “village” to travel around with her so fans can learn more about how to​ live sustainably.

In a recent video with Woody Harrelson, Billie speaks about cutting down on the consumption of meat and dairy and avoiding plastic use to help the environment.



  • Swap the single-use straws for metal or bamboo ones - or even better - no straw at all!
  • Avoid plastic bottles
  • Consider going meat-free at least one day a week.



2. Shailene Woodley:

She once made headlines for using roasted beets for lipstick but this isn’t the only eco-friendly choice Shailene Woodley makes. The Big Little Lies star is actively involved in environmental projects. Earlier this year, she became a Greenpeace Oceans Ambassador and went on a 3-week expedition to study how plastics and micro-plastics are affecting marine life.

She has taken part in environmental protests including the 2016 protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline (where she was subsequently arrested for criminal trespassing and was sentenced to one-year probation!) and she’s the co-founder of All It Takes, an organisation teaching youth to practise empathy and responsibility for humans and the planet.


(Source: @shailenewoodley/Instagram) 



  • Get involved with local organisations​ that promote climate action or work to reduce pollution. Activism can go a long way - maybe don’t get arrested though?



 3. Emma Watson:

Since hanging up her Gryffindor robe, actress Emma Watson has been using her platform to shine a light on many important causes, the environment being one of them. She only wears sustainably-made couture on the red carpet, has designed clothes with fair trade and eco-friendly fashion brands like People Tree and she promotes all her sustainable looks on her @the_press_tour Insta account so her followers can also dress sustainably.


And with travel being a huge part of her working life, Emma pays to offset all of her air travel carbon emissions through







  • Avoid fast-fashion



4. Jack Johnson:​

Is there anything this guy doesn’t do to help the environment?

He’s founded a number of charities to support environmental education. He donates profits from his music to 1% For The Planet (just like Elka Swim). His tours adopt green practices like using sustainable biodiesel in his tour trucks and coaches to reduce CO2 emissions and all his merchandise is made from fully sustainable materials.

His recording label Brushfire has it’s headquarters in a green building complete with solar panels to power almost the entire office and recording studio, sustainable office supplies and rugs made from recycled plastic bottles! And to top it all off, he takes part in regular beach cleanups around the world.





It’s not your rubbish, but it is your planet, right? Look for your local beach clean up days or you could Take 3 For The Sea - pick up 3 pieces of rubbish every time you go to the beach!


5. Olivia Wilde:

The actress, producer and businesswoman is on a mission to encourage us all to choose pre-loved over new clothing. She launched “Choose Used” this year, a collection of pre-loved items that were redesigned or restitched and sold online, to de-stigmatise the use of second-hand fashion and stop more clothes ending up in a landfill.

She’s also the co-founder of Conscious Commerce which helps businesses develop sustainable practices and has worked with big names like H&M and the Global Citizen Festival.





  • Buy pre-loved clothing or do a clothes swap with your friends! 


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