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How to Stay Sane Inside By Joanne Ly

How to Stay Sane Inside By Joanne Ly
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Whether you're a homebody or it's the CoronaVirus keeping you inside, we can all go a little crazy if we sit inside and hide from the world for too long. So, here are four fabulous tips to help keep you sane, inside.


Meditate, meditate and meditate.

It may sound easy, but it starts with your mind. If your mind is not “okay”, then how can you stay “okay”. Meditation has proven to be one of the best ways to let your mind out. It will train your mind to have more attention & control as well as self-awareness. Your mind will be so free!


Listen to music or podcasts.

Listening to something may help distract yourself from feeling overwhelmed. Whether is be Listening to your favourite music, or even a podcast, you get to work your brain. Listen, learn, have fun & stay sane.



Do some at-home workouts

The internet is jam-packed with workout videos, whatever your fitness level you are sure to be covered. You just have to follow some workouts and think of them as challenges!  



Organize your living space

Organizing your home space & workspace (if you are working from home), can make you feel better on the outside and on the inside. Your mind is directly affected by how your room is set up. Imagine, you waking up with a messy room, would you want to wake up? Not likely. Imagine if you had a big day of work ahead of you and your office had papers everywhere and you couldn't find a thing, would you do your best work that day? Not likely. They say a clean house & a clean office space equals a clean mind. 



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Founder of Minima Basics, Joanne Ly


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