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PART 1 & 2: A journey to Unlimited Self-Love By Sepideh Soltani

PART 1 & 2: A journey to Unlimited Self-Love By Sepideh Soltani
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After working with so many people and examining their beliefs to help them to achieve their hearts desires. I realised accepting and loving ourselves is the key to live an extraordinary life. The truth is that we are all unique and beautiful in our own way, but we are trying to be like others and fit into false and fake society standards.


We were all born with phenomenal self-confidence and self-esteem. We knew we were significant and we matter. Don’t you believe it? Look at babies, they know they are important. That’s why if one of their needs is not met, they keep crying for hours! Because they believe that I’m important, someone should come and get me. But somewhere throughout our life, something happened to us and made us believe otherwise.

We lost the fabulous self-confidence we were born with,

We forgot who we are,

We forgot to believe in ourselves,

We lost our power...


The power of loving and accepting ourselves the way we are. We forgot that we are unique, and there is no one else on this planet like us. Look at babies they don’t have any negative self-talk, they don’t look into a mirror and tell themselves look at your chubby legs! They are truly happy in their body. They truly cherish everything that they are. We used to be like those babies with phenomenal self-confidence and self-acceptance without any judgement. Something happened to us and we believed:

we are not good enough,

we are not smart enough,

we are not beautiful enough,

and we learnt to judge ourselves...

We stopped loving ourselves; we learnt to become our worst enemy.


Perhaps we were being compared at school and we felt bad about ourselves, or we might have heard a negative judgement about us and we accepted that. Now those negative judgements became our self-talk. It's like we are carrying baggage from the past full of negative comments, judgements, and beliefs. The weight of that baggage makes us tired and miserable; it prevents us from being our True Self. These beliefs limit us from becoming our best version.


The good news is our beliefs are ours to change, and we can change them and make them extraordinary. We can choose to love and cherish ourselves for who we are. We can choose to re-write those old negative beliefs.


You are reading this because you were looking for a new way to look at yourself and accept and celebrate who you are. I can help you to achieve that.


Now, let’s take the first step. I want you to write down with determination that you want to practice self-love every single day. I want you to keep that piece of note with you and look at it and remind yourself of your decision.


The next step is to make a list of all your fabulous qualities and read them aloud to yourself every day. What we focus on expands, and the purpose of this exercise is to focus on all of the positive attributes and qualities that we have. Focus on what you like about yourself, and celebrate yourself for every single one of them.


Your self-love journey has just started, continue reading Part 2 for more tips & exercises.


Article by Hypnotherapist & Rapid Transformational Therapist at Goodvibes Experts, Sepideh Soltani

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