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PART 2: A journey to Unlimited Self-Love By Sepideh Soltani

PART 2: A journey to Unlimited Self-Love By Sepideh Soltani
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Hope you enjoyed reading Part 1 and completed the exercises. Now it is time to practice self-love even more. Did you know our thoughts and beliefs come back to us precisely, so if we want to be appreciated by people around us, we have to learn to appreciate ourselves first? To change something in our external world we need to change our internal world.


So the question is, do you appreciate and praise yourself daily?

Or are you judging and putting yourself down?

How do you expect others to appreciate you when you can’t appreciate yourself for who you are?

If praise is unfamiliar to you, don’t worry! We can make anything that we want familiar to our mind. So right now, we want to make appreciation and praise familiar to us.



Step 1:

Stop judging and blaming yourself. Observe your thoughts throughout the day, and see if you find yourself blaming and judging you! For example, if you make a mistake at work, what is your mental reaction to that event?

Are you going around and telling yourself you are unworthy, stupid or idiot? Are you mentally torturing yourself with guilt and shame? Self-judgement and self-blame limit your ability and performance.

It stops you from reaching your phenomenal potential. Whenever you notice you are judging or blaming yourself, stop it, and gently remind yourself that is an old thought pattern of thinking and you no longer wish to act and think that way. Then release those thoughts with love and forgive yourself for thinking and behaving like that.



Step 2:

Choose Self-Praise over Self-Blame. Now, that you say no to self-judgements and self-blame, you make room to think in a new way. You need one person to praise you and that person is YOU! Whenever you accomplish something no matter big or small praise yourself. Tell yourself how fantastic, capable, creative, intelligent, smart, deserving, and… you are.

The task can be as easy and simple as writing an email, washing the dishes at home, or listening to a friend. You can even take another step and praise yourself for who you are, your beautiful personality, your kind and generous heart, and when you praise yourself even for little things, your potential to accomplish greater things expands. You believe in yourself more than before, therefore you can do and accomplish more.


Do the exercises above and write down all the changes you see in your world.

Believe that even changing your thoughts slightly can make a huge difference in your life. People see you the way YOU see yourself. If you see yourself as worthy, deserving and beautiful, then they will see the same thing. Trust me, when you start admiring and appreciating yourself, people around you will do the same. You will receive more admiration and praise from the people around you. It’s so simple, just start it today. 


Article by Hypnotherapist & Rapid Transformational Therapist at Goodvibes Experts, Sepideh Soltan

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