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Simple Self-care & Mindset Rituals By Jacque Bruggemann

Simple Self-care & Mindset Rituals By Jacque Bruggemann
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As a woman, Mum, wife & business owner, something I am becoming constantly aware of (as I emerge from the depths of 2 babies, 17months apart), is the need for simple self-care and mindset rituals.


It has become almost an obsession, in the best of ways. And I know, like all women, that when I am not making self-care rituals a daily practice the edges start to crumble. I have been on the journey of Motherhood, as well as a health journey for over 5.5 years now, and still, I need to bring more focus to this.


So, if your journey is just starting I want to say it’s ok.


We often look at self-care as something that needs to be extravagant, like big weekends away, day spa trips and long lunches. And I will pause for a moment and add that they are 100% essential, but it wasn’t until my first child was around 3 that I allowed myself the space to enjoy experiences like this.


I had this notion that I needed to be with her and my son 100% of the time. When in fact taking time away like this helped recharge my soul and make me a ‘better’ mum. When I let go of needing to be alone, to fill my cup, I have found I am more present and can recharge my soul with more ease.


Moving my body is one of the highest forms of self-care. Meditation is another daily ritual that helps settle the noise and unleash my inner power. The trick is too just start. I truly believe that finding ways to be more organised, from our thinking to our business, to our homes, is a form of self-care.


My biggest tip is to leave the house organised before you head to bed & make sure you take time to shower every morning. Too often I hear mumma’s say they haven’t ‘had time’.  For me, this is one of the first things I do each day.


Self-care can be:

  • a walk
  • a shower
  • eating well
  • chilling out watching Netflix
  • reading
  • family face masks
  • cleaning the house

Self-care is whatever fills your cup, brings you back to your truths and gives you space to be you. ​


So I encourage you to reflect on your day and find ways that you can fill your cup.

Whether it is starting a simple skincare routine, bringing in midweek masks or just challenging yourself to drink more water. One of the best gifts we can give our children is teaching them that self-care is a must.


Want more self-love tips & tricks from Founder of Inspired Mummies, Jacque Bruggemann, then be sure to join her Facebook group or listen to her podcast.


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