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Social Distancing “Thrival” Guide By Danielle Kettlewell

Social Distancing “Thrival” Guide By Danielle Kettlewell
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Life has changed a whole lot in the last month, for everyone. I don’t think anyone could have predicted that in March 2020 the world would change. Quite literally.

But now that we have all slowed down and started to ground in our homes – the beauty of humanity and this planet is starting to shine through.


The world is rejuvenating itself. Pollution is decreasing. Water is clearing up. The earth is taking a break to rejuvenate itself. It is starting to THRIVE again!


As the earth is thriving, we must CHOOSE that outcome for ourselves as well. Like with any situation, you can see the glass half empty or half full. The way for us all to thrive again is to realise that this glimpse of time in our lifetime – is a gift for us to come back to ourselves, to remind us of what is important, to rejuvenate our soul so that we TOO can thrive – just like mother earth.


Here are a few ways, that I have been using in my life and sharing with my clients to thrive:


1. Create a powerful morning routine:

  • Wake up without checking your phone
  • Take 5 deep breaths into your belly
  • Think of at least 3 things that you are grateful of at this moment
  • Drink 500mls of water with lemon to hydrate the body
  • Do a morning meditation
  • Journal on your emotions for the day



2. Limit your Time consuming the news:

  • If you feel like you must be connected to what is going on, be very aware to limit your consumption. The news is informing but also spreading a negative the vibrational energy, so over-consuming can state to affect our mood and nervous system

■Put a timer on for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening only to watch the news


3. Reconnect with Nature:

  • Grounding (Earthing), the practice of putting your bare feet on the ground has shown to improve sleep, mood, immunity, inflammation, healing by neutralising the free radicals in our body by connecting with the power of the earth

■Take time each day to put your bare feet on the earth

■Breathe in some fresh air

■Get some Vitamin D from the sun

■Experience the peace that exudes from mother nature


4. Take Time to Learn Something New:

  • In our regular life quite often we are all so busy being busy that we put off all the things that we want to do. Now is the time to:

■Take up a hobby

■Learning about a new concept

■Sign up for an online course

■Listen to a webinar

■Pick up a book

■Take on a cooking project


  • The universe has gifted us with the space to reconnect with ourselves and what we truly want!


5. Help out someone in need:

  • One of the greatest gifts in life is service. Giving to someone not only spreads positive vibrations and love onto others but also makes us feel so good! Two of the best ways to give are through time or money and everyone has at least one of the two spares right now:

■Bake a treat for your neighbour

■Sign up to help the elderly in your area

■Give an extra tip to your food delivery guy

■Donate to a worthy cause

■Sew masks for those in need


  • I can guarantee you that you have SOMETHING inside you that you can use to be of service!


This is an incredible time to be alive. We are literally living within history in the making. One day we will all love back in 2020 as the year that shifted everything.


For you, my beautiful souls, I hope that this is a time of your life that you look back and see how much you made the DECISION to choose this time to THRIVE!


Article by Olympian, Author & Coach, Danielle Kettlewell


Book: The Unlikely Olympian: Step into your Fears to Achieve your Dreams

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