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You Deserve to be Loved – and to Love Yourself By Nicole Jevtovic

You Deserve to be Loved – and to Love Yourself By Nicole Jevtovic
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Have you ever had a moment in your life, and more specifically your relationship, where you thought – maybe I deserve better than this? Well, guess what – you do, and finding that something better is not as scary as you think it is.


Frequently, women become complacent in their current relationship and give up on finding that perfect soul for them. Sometimes it’s because they have gotten used to being treated a certain way and don’t believe that there is something better out there. Sometimes it’s because they think that things will change, that everything will work out. And sometimes it’s because they don’t think that they deserve better.


So why do we think that way?


Often, it’s because we place others needs before our own. You’re a wife, a mother, a girlfriend, and you have been giving everyone else in your life all of your energy. You’re so focused on creating a harmonious life for those around you that you haven’t stopped to think if you are living your best life – or if you have, you’re too worried about what consequences will come from making changes.


Do yourself a favour – take a minute to ask yourself the hard questions. Could I be any happiness in this relationship? Have I lost the person that I was, or the person that I want to be, because of who I’m with? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to leave. Put yourself and your happiness first.


Sure, things might be messy for a little while. You might be held back by worries about how to separate your finances, if your children will be okay or if you’ll end up in a legal battle. But you don’t have to stress about what comes after a break-up – the hardest part is done. Many people have been there before you and it’s not as difficult as you think it is. There are people out there to help you get through this time and give you the support you need.


And you know what will happen after that? Only good things! You will be happier, your children will be happier, your family and friends will be happier to see you getting the love you deserve.


So love yourself first! And then find someone who loves you just as much. Because you deserve that.


Article by family lawyer and owner of Clarity Family Law Solutions, Nicole Jevtovc.



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