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The Stevie Collection
Welcome to our first collection, Stevie.
The Stevie collection was inspired by the OG gypsy, Stevie Nicks.
Her voice, her style, her free-spirited attitude, do we need to say more!
She is wild, fun & free & LOVES crystals - this chick is my kinda gal.
By now, you might be asking yourself, "who the hell is Stevie Nicks?" 
If you don't know, school yourself on some killer old school bands, like Fleetwood Mac & you'll find the answer.
Stevie wrote, "Dreams" sitting on a bed surrounded by notebooks, pencils, art and crystals, which is the inspiration behind the Elka Swim "Stevie" print.
"She lived simply, it is what it is", and it was a simple moment, an afternoon on a blanket by the beach, listening to "Fleetwood Mac", crystal gifts from loved ones that provided us the influence for our "Stevie" collection.
Stevie wrote songs about freedom, not being tied down, her gypsy spirit & crystal dreaming.
She was and is a sexy, mysterious performer and that's how we hope you feel when you wear our "Stevie" collection.

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